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Steroplast Boxing Wraps

The brand new Steroplast Boxing Wraps have arrived. We have been working closely with several professional boxers and trainers to create the perfect tool for training, sparring and fighting. We discussed with many of the professional boxers we work with to find out exactly what they wanted and needed from the perfect boxing wrap.

When it comes to launching our new product, we couldn't think of any better way, than to put them in the hands of a professional. We dropped down to professional light heavyweight Charlie Schofield's gym, where he is currently training for his next fight. We gave him the new wraps and let him have the first unboxing experience. Then stood back let him do what he does best. Watch the video below of Charlie trying out the new wraps.

After Charlie completed his work out, he confirmed exactly what we wanted to hear. The wraps are ideal, they are what he needs to help him continue on his winning ways. They gave him maximum support and have a nice comfortable fit.

Steroplast Boxing Wraps

  • Manufactured from breathable cotton to create maximum user comfort and support
  • Each wrap has a thumb strap and hook/loop closure, ensuring the strongest and securist fit
  • The wraps are designed with impact in mind, protecting the hands for the heaviest of hits
  • Wraps maintain your joints alignment to prevent wrist and hand injury
  • Each  wrap is 4.5 metres of protective layering to cover any style of wrapping
  • One pair of machine washable wraps in every pack
  • The perfect companion to Steroplast-Z.O. tape, when used together they will keep your hands safe in the ring

Finally the Steroplast Boxing Wraps are here and you can order yours now, click HERE to find our a little more information about them and add them to your basket.