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The evolution of Manchester’s skateparks - Skateboarding and Steroplast are natural partners

Skateboarding. A high-octane, high-speed action sport, full of risks and risk-takers. So - the perfect formula for accidents and injuries galore, right? Well no. Injuries aren’t as common as you may think. When performed seriously, with appropriate professional guidance, skateboarding is as safe as many other sports. That’s not to say injuries never happen – they do, ranging from cuts and bruises to broken bones. And it’s in helping to deal with these injuries that Steroplast comes in. How? We’ll come to that in a moment. First, it’s worth explaining how skateboarding has become such a popular sport in Manchester.

Partly, of course, it’s popular in Manchester because it’s popular pretty-well everywhere. In fact, skateboarding is, today, one of the world’s fastest-growing sports, preparing to make its debut at the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. And, with about 50 million skateboarders across the world, it’s no surprise that the sport has dedicated magazines, clothing lines and TV channels. Let’s face it, skateboarding is cool and fashionable, so lots of people want to be involved.


Which is why skateboarding venues are popping up everywhere, including Manchester. And they’re proving to be a fantastic addition to the community. Steroplast has developed close ties with such venues. These are:

Projekts Mcr

Once (fifteen or so years ago) a dark and dismal patch beneath the Mancunian Way flyover. This was an area full of abandoned cars and noted – perhaps unsurprisingly – for high levels of crime. However, today, it’s unrecognisable: full of people, music and skating! Why? The area itself has been completely turned around, thanks to hard work and a strong community spirit, the space has become one of Manchester’s most popular skating venues.

Projekts MCR is here to make Manchester a better place for all those people who regularly use skateboards, scooters, blades, skates and BMX’s and for those who haven't tried any of these ramp disciplines yet.

John Haines - Projekts Mcr CEO


The park offers school holiday clubs, weekend kid’s classes, private lessons and birthday parties. They even have skatepark lock-ins, so you and your friends can have the whole thing to yourselves for a night session!

Graystone Action Sports Academy

Just outside of the city centre, this 35,000 square foot flagship development is crammed with the latest innovations and training facilities, designed to help riders of all ages and abilities progress in the sport. Including a skate park, an air training zone and trampolines to help skaters sharpen their skills - making it one of the nation’s elite training facilities for the next generation of extreme sports athletes.

Graystone Action Sports is a reduced risk training facility for a range of action sports. Our second phase will open shortly and will feature parkour, bouldering, cheerleading, ninja warrior and more trampolines and foam.

David McCabe, Director – Graystone Action Sports

The Academy has only been opened a few months, but April this year 150 competitors from all over the country will be in attendance for the Skateboard England National Finals. Amongst these competitors will be Sky Brown, the 10-year-old skateboarder attempting to become Team GB’s youngest Olympian at Tokyo 2020.

Skateboarding Injuries

As we’ve said, skateboarding – under the right guidance - is a safe sport. Skaters are taught how to minimise the chances of a fall. And, if they do – how to do so in a way likely to avoid injury. But, as in all sports, accidents can and do happen, especially when people don’t stick to the rules. So, people can get hurt.

Most skateboarding injuries can be avoided by taking safety precautions, such as wearing a well-fitted helmet (OK, so not a cool look, but you won’t mind that if you hit your head!), as well as wearing wrist guards, and knee/elbow pads. But probably the most important thing is to be aware of your limitations!

How can Steroplast help?

With a wide and established range of advanced sporting products, Steroplast works with sports clubs and individuals across the region. This means we’re ideally placed to work with skateparks such as Projekts and Graystone, to ensure they have all the equipment they need to deal quickly and effectively with injuries that occur on-site. As well as provide products designed to deal with injuries, we also provide casualty immobilisation devices and stretchers for serious injuries.

If you’re a venue that needs help or advice with first aid, emergency or evacuation and immobilisation equipment, please get in touch with us on 0161 902 3030. We’ll be delighted to visit you, with no obligation, and discuss how we can help.

Interested in learning more about your local skatepark? For more information about the Manchester venues or to make a booking, visit or