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What is kinesiology tape?

Is this a new fashion trend, a fad or the brightest new tool in physiology?

Any sports enthusiast will have spotted the new coloured tape worn on areas of individuals bodies. So you're probably wondering what this is and why they are wearing it? Is it a fashion statement, an extreme accessory or a new marketing technique? It is none of these actually, it is in fact Kinesiology tape.


Kinesiology, is the study of the mechanics of body movements. Developed in the 60's by a Dr George Goodheart, and combines his knowledge of Eastern medicine with modern western techniques. The study is a holistic therapy working on every aspect of an individual's health. Finding any factors that may affect the body and mind. Through muscle testing techniques, a kinesiologist practitioner can then identify any factors that may be causing disruptions to the body's natural movements and make corrections accordingly.

Kinesiology Tape

So Kinesiology makes sense and has in its practices many different methods, including massage, nutrition, counselling and medicine. That is all well and good, but it doesn't however tell us exactly what the coloured tape is. And why are so many high profile athletes from Cristiano Ronaldo to Novak Djokovic are wearing it?

Kinesiology or K-Tape is an elasticated cotton tape with an acrylic adhesive. The tape gives additional stability and support to an individual's joints and muscles. Without hindering their natural range of movement or blood circulation.

The taping technique is placed across relevant areas of the body. The tape then lifts the skin and creates space between the dermis layer of skin and the muscle. This space then takes pressure off any swelling or injured muscles. This then allows for smooth movement of muscle and creates space for drainage and blood flow.  This then aids rehabilitation and facilitates the body's natural healing process.


Tape Use

Kinesiology Tape is both a preventative and rehabilitative tool, it's four main areas of use are; Alignment, Pain Relief, Rehabilitation and Competitive Use.

Alignment - Bringing an individual's alignment into place, by correcting posture or aligning a certain body area. This then acts as a learning tool and shows the individual how it should feel. With the correct alignment this can then decrease pain and increase recovery rates.

Pain Relief - Used after physiotherapy/manipulation, after an individual has received treatment on a certain area. The Kinesiology tape is then applied to that area to help with pain and prevent discomfort.

Rehabilitation - Correct rehabilitation is key for any sportsperson. Whether it be exhaustion post event or overtraining, rehab is a key. Physiotherapy/manipulation will be the first port of call followed by the application of Kinesiology tape. The application of the tape increases the efficiency of the treatment itself and takes the pressure away from the affected areas.

Competitive Use - Using the tape whilst competing, is usually for a preventative use. If a sportsperson knows they have a niggling/repetitive problem the tape can be applied to that area to prevent any injury.

This is why volleyball players always have K-Tape across their backs. Because this is an area that is usually problematic for volleyball players. Tennis players have their arms taped up and runners/footballers have it on thighs and calves.


Our very own Kinesiology tape is now available to order, it is 100% latex free and therefore perfect for sensitive skin. K-Tape can be worn for days at a time once applied properly. This makes it the perfect rehabilitation tool.

The tape has a wavelike adhesive pattern, mimicking that of a fingerprint. This allows the tape to breathe for increased user comfort. The tape is very easy to apply and stretches to the skin's natural elasticity.


If you interested in finding out more, you can find the product HERE. Or if you have any questions, feel free to call us now on 0161 902 3030.