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Nurse using thermometer to check patients temperature

Warning: Inaccurate infrared thermometers unknowingly used across the U.K.

There has been an increase in unreliable thermometers in the UK that do not comply with the required safety and performance standards. Since the start of the pandemic, contactless thermometers have been in high demand resulting in a rise in inferior quality versions distributed across the country. As we adjust to post-COVID life, it is crucial to be cautious of the type of medical equipment we use and practice safety precautions in crowded places such as public venues and workplaces.


What to consider before buying an infrared thermometer

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a warning to check that the thermometers you are buying have been marked with CE or UKCA. This ensures that it meets EU safety guidelines, and health and environmental protection requirements. You can do this by checking the packaging or the device itself.

It is critical that you check thermometers for the following information below:

  • CE marked symbol with a 4-digit number
  • Batch number
  • Name of device or model number
  • Name of address of the manufacturer

If the manufacturer is not based in the UK or EU, it must showcase the name and address of the European representative.

To avoid wasting your money and risks to your health, the Government have set out ten tips when buying medicines and medical devices online safely.


The correct positioning of CE marked letters


How do infrared thermometers work?

Contactless thermometers are ideal for public environments as part of an infection control plan. It measures the surface, body, and ambient temperatures with accurate temperature readings. They are designed to take a temperature within a 3-5cm distance from the forehead using infrared technology in a one-second measurement time to prevent cross-contamination. They are also widely used by paediatricians as a non-intrusive method to measure a baby or child’s temperature fast, safely, and accurately.


Reliable thermometers from Steroplast

At Steroplast, we abide by the most stringent medical guidelines to demonstrate our technical commitment to excellence. Our quality system supports all our products, ensuring compliance with the MHRA. 

Berrcom Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer:

This Berrcom non-contact thermometer is specially designed to take reliable body temperature measurements without physical contact. You can rest assured that this thermometer has been CE certified and will only produce accurate readings.

Jumper Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer:

This CE marked infrared thermometer has been clinically tested to be reliable and accurate. Doctors and paediatricians recommended this infrared thermometer, which comes with a unique child temperature mode for more accurate measurements.