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Defibrillators, a must on every football pitch

Defibrillators can be lifesaving pieces of equipment - administering electric shocks to people who have suffered cardiac arrests. They are now present in a range of public settings, including certain schools, shopping centres, train stations and village halls. They are also sometimes positioned in gyms and sporting centres. After experiencing a heart attack while playing football, one man has called for more of these devices to be made available at local sports fields.

Zlate Josifouski was taking part in a game at the Aurora Soccer Club when the medical emergency unfolded, reports. The 50 year old collapsed after going to retrieve the ball when it was kicked out of bounds shortly after the match had started.


Commenting on the incident, Mr Josifouski said: “I remember getting a little dizzy, but nothing after that because I just blacked out. Fortunately, I was going to get the ball and everyone was looking at me at the time". An ambulance was called immediately and one of his teammates began to perform CPR. Meanwhile, Aurora Soccer Club executive member Paul Dunbar rushed from his location in the clubhouse to offer assistance. Taking a defibrillator that had been donated by the Mikey Network as he made his way to Mr Josifouski’s side.


Simple but terrifying

Mr Dunbar unpacked the defibrillator while Mr Josifouski’s jersey was being cut off. He then followed the instructions provided with the device. After receiving the shock, Mr Josifouski began to breathe again.

Talking about the experience, Mr Dunbar said: “I received training a few years ago, but I never thought I would have to use it. Let me tell you, having to use it once is enough". He added: “It was simple - not to say that it wasn’t terrifying".

One on every football field

Mr Josifouski spent two weeks in hospital. During his stay, he had an internal defibrillator fitted. Commenting on his lucky escape, he remarked: “I’m grateful for the people and the equipment that saved my life. We should have a defibrillator on every field.”

Next year, he plans to approach local sporting organisations and town councils to call for more units to be installed.


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