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Festive First Aid: Our tips for staying safe this Christmas

Festive First Aid: Top tips for staying safe at Christmas time

With Christmas just around the corner, we want to highlight the importance of preparing for any accidents or injuries which inevitably come with the busy festive season.

With all the excitement and enjoyment that this time of year brings, it can be easy to forget about the hazards that could be in your home, putting you and others at risk. Take precautions for potential injuries and equip your home with the essentials to keep yourself and your family safe this Christmas.

According to the NHS, more than 80,000 people need hospital treatment for injuries that happen over the festive period, many of which come from household hazards that can be overlooked. As doctors and chemists are likely to closed at Christmas, we have compiled some festive first aid tips to help you to prepare for hazards and treat injuries at home.

Electrical safety:

Family Decorating

Electrical hazards and fire risks are disguised in our homes in the festive season in the form of fairy lights, candles, electric heaters, fireplaces, and kitchen appliances. It’s important to make sure you’re aware of the hazards that come with lighting up your house in order to avoid any fires, shocks or sparks that could put your family and home at risk.

  • Take extra care to switch off and unplug all lights overnight and when you leave the house
  • Limit the amount of plugs you use in each electrical outlet – overloading sockets and extension cables can lead to electrical fires and overheating
  • Check fairy lights before use, make sure they are safe and show no signs of damage or fraying before plugging them in
  • Keep paper away from open flames, sources of heat and lights – display Christmas cards on a clear surface or up on a wall

If somebody has an electric shock in your home, you must switch off the current of electricity at the source and seek medical help if the person stops breathing. You can read more about Christmas light’s safety in the RoSPA Christmas Lights Safety Guide.


Dangerous Decorations:

Christmas House

As much as decorating our homes can bring us joy, it is so important to ensure you are careful when undergoing this seemingly safe task as there are lots of hidden risks involved.

  • Make sure wires of lights and extension cables are neatly tucked away to reduce the risk of tripping
  • Don’t stand on sofas or chairs when dressing your Christmas tree to avoid the chance of falling and hurting yourself or others, a stepladder is an investment worth making!
  • Limit the clutter in your home as much as possible, especially if you have small children or pets which could be exposed to potential choking hazards from toys, decorations, and gift wrappings
  • Take care when wrapping presents and risk of paper cuts and sharp scissors – a box of plasters is a home essential

For general injuries including cuts, grazes and falls – prepare with our handy 40-piece First Aid Kit Bag. This easy to store fold up kit contains all your basic first aid kit needs.

A Childcare First Aid Kit Childcare First Aid Kit is a good idea for larger families or if you are hosting Christmas involving lots of children being in your home. Our blog post provides more information about what should be in a first aid kit for kids. The anticipation of the big day could lead to over-excitement resulting in more accidents than usual.


Workplace Mishaps:

Christmas office

In the run up to Christmas, your workplace may become a more relaxed environment, festive jumper days, secret santa and an office party may be on the cards. It is important not to let this distract from the general health and safety rules that always apply in the workplace.

  • Don’t forget about the basic safety principles in work when decorating the office or workplace, use appropriate equipment to put up lights and decorations
  • Ensure decorations don’t interfere with usual working practices, tuck away all loose cables and wires to minimise trips and falls
  • Travel home from work safely – take care on the roads in dangerous weather conditions with ice causing accidents on the road. A Vehicle First Aid Kit could save a life if injured whilst driving

Our Workplace First Aid Kit meets all the necessary health and safety standards, supplying a workplace with all the essentials for any office emergencies.


Christmas Cooking:

Christmas cooking

Surveys carried out by National Accident Helpline reveal that 600,000 people have burned themselves roasting chestnuts over an open fire. Many Christmas injuries take place in the kitchen. Preparing food for the whole family in a busy environment with added pressure, heat and distraction is a recipe for disaster…

  • Be extremely careful handling hot plates, pots and pans – studies show that 1 in 10 people have been injured on Christmas day from spilling hot fat on themselves whilst preparing the Christmas dinner
  • Try to keep the kitchen as empty as possible when cooking, keeping pets and small children out of the way of harm
  • Keep your eye on your oven – with lots of distractions in the house on Christmas day, it’s important that you don’t leave food cooking unattended

Studies from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) reveal that people are 50% more likely to die in a house fire than at any other time of the year. Prepare for the worst-case scenario with a burn first-aid kit - our selection of Burncare First Aid Kits and consumables – everything you need to treat burns and scalds in an emergency at home.


Festive first Aid Kits


First aid kits are not just for Christmas

Our comprehensive range of small, medium and large kits will keep you prepared for injury all year round, you can browse our full selection here. It is important to maintain the contents of your kit throughout the year. We recommend replenishing your first aid kit items for the new year. Kit contents are sold separately for anything that your kit may be missing.

If you would like more information about our range of first-aid kits and first-aid kit refills, request a callback with one of our experts or get in touch using the form below


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Have a safe and merry Christmas!