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Defibrillators - Which model would be best for you and your needs?

Each year in the UK, around 60,000 people suffer cardiac arrests outside of hospital. Of these individuals, an average of just 10% survive admission to hospital. These odds can be greatly improved if automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are available. These devices administer an electric shock when someone’s heart has stopped. They contain two paddles with insulated handles, which are charged from a high voltage supply. When used quickly and correctly, this equipment has the potential to save lives.

Increasing demand for defibrillators

Over recent years, demand for defibrillators has risen considerably. As well as being used by paramedics and first responders, AEDs can now be found in a range of public settings, including shopping centres, schools, libraries and sports grounds. Meanwhile, the government recently highlighted its intention to increase the number of defibrillators available. During his last budget of the current parliament, Chancellor George Osborne announced that an extra £1 million is to be set aside to help fund the purchase of these machines for public places. The money will also be used to support training in the use of the equipment.

One of those to welcome the development was Mark King. Four years ago, his 12-year-old son Oliver died from a cardiac arrest during a school’s sports lesson, moments after he had finished a swimming race. Speaking to the Liverpool Echo about the announcement, Mr King said: “This is a good move in the right direction. We have been fighting for more defibrillators since the loss of Oliver and the fact they are starting to listen is fantastic news. I want a defibrillator in every public building along with fire extinguishers. And I won’t stop campaigning until that is law - this is my boy’s legacy.”

Also remarking on the additional funding, Liverpool councillor Jake Morrison said: “The Chancellor’s £1 million will get a lot of defibrillators supplied across the country.” He added: “This is a fantastic legacy for Oliver, his classmates and family.”

Select a trusted defibrillator supplier

Buying AEDs for your organisation could help to save lives. However, it’s important that you select the right versions. First and foremost, make sure you select a trusted supplier that is capable of providing you with a top-quality product. Here at Steroplast, we supply a variety of defibrillators that meet the highest standards. We also provide accessories like alarmed cabinets, which mean you can put the AEDs on display and ensure they can be easily accessed.

Understand your needs

Because AEDs come with a range of different features and specifications, it’s important to determine your precise requirements before you start your search. For example, will the devices be used in rugged terrain? Might they be used by individuals with limited training? Do they need to be suitable for treating children? Must they be set up for quick and easy transport?

Assess your options

Once you know what to look for, it’s time to peruse your options. Here’s a quick rundown of the defibrillators we currently stock.


Representing the latest in public access AED technology, the iPAD SP1 is designed to be operated by individuals with minimal training and it’s suited to use almost anywhere that people might gather. Whether you’re looking for equipment for a hospital, workplace or retail centre, this may have the features you’re looking for. Small and lightweight, it’s easy to transport and it requires minimal preparation before it’s ready to operate.

It can also be quickly changed from adult treatment settings to child-friendly settings and the device comes with smaller child pads as well as regular pads. The AED benefits from CPR detection too. If this procedure is not being performed, voice prompts encourage the responder to start. If CPR is being carried out, the voice prompts encourage the responder to continue. The iPAD SP1 comes with a free carry case as well.

IPAD-SP1 Defibrillators


For rugged use, the LIFEPAK® 1000 could be ideal. This tough and durable unit is built to function in even the harshest environments and it can ride in any vehicle without sustaining damage. The device is capable of withstanding rigorous drop testing from any angle and it comes enclosed in a protective case complete with bumpers. Designed for professional responders, it also features advanced capabilities that can improve lifesaving outcomes and can smooth the transition of patients to the next level of care.


Another option is the LIFEPAK CR Plus. Featuring a simple two-step operation, it is intended for the first person to respond to cardiac arrest patients. Forgoing complex prompts, this fully automatic device offers just the right level of guidance and it also provides the option of escalating up to 360 joules when required. In addition, it conducts weekly and extended monthly automatic self-tests, as well as initialisation tests when it’s switched on. Its readiness display, complete with four clear indicators, means users know it’s ready to do its job.

It’s also important to note that the LIFEPAK CR Plus comes with a CHARGE-PAK battery charger, which keeps the internal battery at its optimum level for the lifetime of the unit.

Lifepak Defibrillators

Zoll AED Plus

If you’re after a device that coaches responders though CPR, the ZOLL AED Plus® is worth a look. Thanks to its one-piece electrode that measures the rate and depth of chest compression, it’s able to tell rescuers how well compressions are being performed. It is the only AED on the market that can assess what responders are doing during CPR.

Also, once installed, the ZOLL AED Plus® has the lowest total cost of ownership of any AED available. If you purchase this equipment, you’ll have nothing further to replace or buy for five years.

Zoll Defibrillators

Don’t hesitate to get in touch

Because a defibrillator serves such a vital purpose, there’s no room for error when you’re purchasing this equipment. So, if you’re not sure about the details of any of these devices or you want guidance to help you find versions that meet all of your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.


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