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Christmas - Making it through the holidays unscathed

'It's the most wonderful time of the year', the festive season is upon us once more. It's the time for all the nights out and parties to begin. We know the perils of over-eating and drinking at Christmas can really take its toll. So we wanted to make sure that you make it through the holidays unscathed and enjoy every single moment.

We've put together a few simple tips, that if followed, will keep everyone feeling 100% for each day (party) ahead. You may not want to follow them all, but if a couple of points help you throughout Christmas, then that's a bonus

Firstly, and most importantly - Stay hydrated

We all know, over Christmas a glass of water is often overlooked by the more lavish options available, such as eggnog, champagne or even the odd snowball. The key is to keep the body constantly hydrated. Even a mild dehydration can result in a headache, and Christmas and headaches don't mix well. So, make it your plan to drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will also aid digestion of all the turkey, Christmas pudding and chocolates you've managed to eat your way through.

On the day of a party and the day after make sure to drink lots of water or diluted juices. It is hard to drink water when it's cold, but put on the heating and throw on a Christmas jumper! If you've had a few drinks, drink a glass of water before you go to bed. Have another in the morning before breakfast, and you can always have a pack of ORS ready for the morning.

Stay hydrated

Don't starve yourself before a Christmas party

The usual plan is to say 'There'll be so much food at the party, so I think I'll skip lunch'. However this is a mistake. If you skip meals you're bound to eat whatever food is at the party in abundance. Most likely at an unhealthy pace. The key is to stick to your meals as you usually would. Then when you do eat at the party, you will eat at a normal pace and eat just enough to satisfy your usual hunger.

It is best to plan out your meals for the full day ahead. You only need to have one large meal a day, matching this with two lighter meals. So if you wake up and eat like a king with pancakes, eggs and salmon along with a few chocolates and a couple of glasses of Bucks Fizz, take this into consideration and have a lighter lunch and dinner. Alternatively on Christmas Day, if you know that dinner will be a slap up turkey and all the trimmings. Hold off the big breakfast and have a light lunch. The idea is not to eat until you're bursting at the seams and go to bed with a decongestant.

Think about yourself in the new year . Do you want to be dieting come January because you went crazy over Christmas and piled on the pounds? No!

Improve your buffet skills

Everyone falls peril to the deadly buffet! Have a strategy before you go up there, fill half the plate with salad and vegetables so not to overeat on the unhealthy yet tasty meat and pastries. Take your time selecting your food. Scan the whole buffet first, as we've all made the mistake on filling up our plates too soon then finding our favourites at the end of the table! Once you have your food, take your time eating as you would a normal meal and step away from the buffet. You are most likely to graze if you stay near it, one more sausage roll couldn't hurt right?

Avoid the dreaded hangover

Nobody wants one, but most people have experienced a Christmas hangover, especially after the works party! So again we need to make a plan in order not to be struck down the morning after. So firstly if we are following our previous tips we will be fully hydrated and will have eaten well This will give us valuable nutrients and help our body to detoxify itself of the alcohol. Now you're ready for your night, now it's time to test your will power, if you can - drink in moderation. Try to alternate your alcoholic drinks with a glass of water, juice or a soft drink. Once you make it home, have a glass of water before you go to bed, get plenty of sleep, have another glass in the morning and make sure to have breakfast. Hopefully all this should allow you to completely avoid a hangover.

And don't forget to exercise

Yes we know, even the thought of exercising over Christmas to some people is laughable. It's the time to relax and spend time with family, true, but this doesn't mean you can't fit in a little time for fitness. This is the time of year when we overindulge, so there is even more reason for you to keep up your exercise regime. It's widely known that gym membership and footfall spikes in January. Everyone has overdone it over Christmas and put a little weight on. So avoid this, keep up a little exercise over Christmas. Go for a few long walks - show off the new coat and trainers Santa brought you! Then there will be no weight to lose come New Year.

So follow our few tips and hopefully you will have a healthy and enjoyable Christmas. Enjoy yourselves and have a very merry Christmas from everyone at Steroplast Healthcare.


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