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[Guide] How to Prep Your Venue for Martyn’s Law

[Guide] How to Prep Your Venue for Martyn’s Law Following the 2017 Manchester Arena Attack

The 2017 Manchester Arena attack killed 22 people and left hundreds injured, encouraging a new anti-terror legislation (Martyn’s Law) to increase the security measures in public places and venues going forward. Read this article to learn more about how this will change the future of venue security and how you can prepare your business for the new legislation.

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How to remove zinc oxide tape

How to remove zinc oxide tape

Zinc oxide tape is a robust strapping tape made of a thin woven cloth and coated with a zinc oxide-based adhesive. Due to its antiseptic properties and practical qualities, it is widely used by athletes, physiotherapists, and within the medical field. In this blog, we will discuss what zinc oxide tape is, what it is used for, things to consider before applying it, and how to safely remove it.

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What should be included in a pet's first aid kit?

An animal first-aid kit contains veterinary essentials that can help treat common accidents or aid in unexpected emergencies. Where some injuries require professional veterinary assistance, every pet owner should own a pet first aid kit for injuries and problems that are treatable from home, or when access to a professional isn’t available. We have put together this blog with information on the necessary items for your pet's first aid kit. 

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