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BackBaller Event - Steroplast showcase the innovative foam roller

Firstly, assuming you haven’t heard of the BackBaller we can imagine your first question would be “what is it?” Good question. BackBaller is a dual-mounted foam-roller, designed to apply focused muscle relief. Have a look at the product on our website here for more details.

If your next question is “how does it work?” Let us start from the beginning.

Noel Marshall is the Managing Director/Inventor of the BackBaller. In his youth he was a National-level middle-distance runner. Unfortunately, at the age of 25, he had to undergo an emergency medical procedure. This sadly put an end to his running career.

After time away from the sport, Noel developed severe lower back pain. Although visiting many different chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists, he couldn’t seem to find an effective treatment. Crippling pain led Noel to visit Gerard Hartmann, a renown physical therapist. An MRI scan revealed a severe disc rupture. Gerard advised several techniques. Regular use of a foam roller and appropriate stretching exercises to ease the pain. Finally, Noel had found a solution to his problem.

This is where Noel’s inventive mind stepped in. Although a standard foam roller was good, he devised a more effective tool. A rolling device with additional stability. Providing specific focus to easing the muscular tension around the source of pain. Thus, releasing the compression of the spinal cord and assisting the rupture to heal.

With the idea in his head, Noel used his carpentry skills to create a prototype. After 4 weeks solid use, the results spoke for themselves. He lost 2 stone in weight and was back running and playing sport comfortably - with no pain!

BackBaller - Noel using it

Since the launch, BackBaller has received unbelievable feedback from some of the biggest names in the industry. Giants in the world of sport. Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Roger Federer and Mo Farah are all using the BackBaller - it has become a must for every athlete.

BackBaller and Steroplast

We were very impressed when we first met Noel, over 18 months ago. It was clear that his product would make a huge impact, and this was something we wanted to be involved with. Working together made perfect sense. Both of our organisations are very keen to help teams and individuals within the sporting community. Giving them the tools, they need to perform at their very best.

Steroplast and BackBaller

Together, we are now looking to bring together more sporting professionals, with the aim of collaboration; sharing best practices and innovations. Together we have a wealth of high quality, proven products. With a significant expertise that can add value and assist sports professionals to ensure their players and athletes are in peak physical condition.

The BackBaller Event

Last month saw the BackBaller event take place at the newly designed Steroplast Hub. Several local sports individuals and teams were in attendance. Each wanting to know if the product could help them and their clubs. Individuals from Altrincham and Bury Football Club, Manchester Thunder, Manchester Storm and more, were invited along. They were all keen to see this new product in action.

After a short presentation from Noel, about himself and the product, the event became an interactive session. BackBallers were given to all attendees and they were asked to complete the 'Baller Program – 10 steps to complete freedom of movement’ alongside Noel. The evening was a complete success, everyone was impressed with the product and thought it would be a great asset to themselves and their teams.

BackBaller is a fantastic and innovative product. I love how it empowers me as an amateur athlete, to take control of my own recovery and pre-game preparations. If you have not had the opportunity to try out the BackBaller and you are an advocate of SMR and foam rolling, I strongly recommend you check it out. I’ve had all the guys at the Manchester Titans sampling mine!

James Dean Head of Adult Football at the Manchester Titans American Football Team

What’s Next?

We aim to continue bringing together representatives of the sporting community. We will be working closer with local sports clubs, coaches, volunteers and professionals (therapists/physios). Focusing on how we can help them to be the best they can.

If you think you would benefit from working with us, or have any ideas on how we could collaborate, please get in touch. Call us today on 0161 902 3030, and speak to Andrew Watson, our Head of Business Development for the Sports sector. Alternatively, you could email Andrew directly on

To learn more about Noel and Backballer, visit the website You can purchase the BackBaller from our website here.


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