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8 simple steps you can take to start your day better

Nothing too strenuous, but it will honestly get you going and make a difference.

Every one of us wants to wake up feeling bright and breezy and hit the day running. Unfortunately most of us are not morning people and struggle with this. If you're a person who hits the snooze button once, twice or even ten times then this blog is for you! We can help you with just 8 simple steps, we hear you questioning already "8 SIMPLE STEPS?" Honestly they are simple.

8 simple steps, what are they?

We'll tell you. They're minor changes you can make to your morning routine to have you feeling like a different person. Maybe even take you one step closer to being a 'morning person'.

Wake up just a little bit earlier, a simple 20 minutes will do the trick!

Most of us are the same, WE LOVE SLEEP, and we will try and get every last millisecond of sleep we can and wake ourselves as late as possible. So, sleep lovers will probably fight the option to set that alarm even a minute earlier. But trust us, you will feel the benefit.

Waking at the last minute creates a pressured environment which then effects your body and mind. This then makes your time feel tight throughout the day and it doesn't have to be. Only you have given yourself these harsh deadlines.

Waking up a little earlier, allows your body and mind to unwind. Giving you the opportunity to plan an easier paced daily routine. You won't be panicking trying to fit everything in whilst still getting to work on time. This leaves a little extra time for just for you - which could come in handy with the other steps

Sleep is still important; we need to make sure we have enough

So we managed to wake up that little bit earlier. Getting enough sleep is vital so don't be going to bed too late and not giving yourself sufficient sleep. Getting enough sleep is key to having a healthy lifestyle, it benefits your heart, body and mind. It's benefits are massive, not just to help reduce bags under the eyes or crankiness!

Try then to make sure you're going to bed at a sensible time; also it's not just the quantity of the sleep, it is also the quality. Your day will be completely effected by how well you have slept the previous night. So try to keep a regular sleep cycle (going to bed and waking up). Sticking to a schedule will result in a more refreshed and energised morning.

Have a drink of water

This is an easy one, but it's probably one of the most important. You've been sleeping throughout the night for around 8 hours without taking on any water. In that time your body has now become dehydrated.

When you go to sleep at night, this is your body shutting down. A glass of water first thing assists in getting your body ready to go again. It rehydrates you and allows for an easier digestive flow throughout the day. Don't think to yourself, 'hey there's water in my coffee, I'm fine'....This is bad news. You need to address your bodies need for water before having any breakfast, caffeine or any other beverages.

So by having a drink of water as you wake, your body will then start to wake up naturally. We promise you it will make you feel more energised.

A little fresh air works wonders

This is another very easy one - that again will work wonders and improve your day. All you need to do is have a quick intake of fresh air, why not drink your water in the garden (granted it will probably be raining, so stay undercover).

Just give yourself a chance to take a few deep breaths and fill your lungs with fresh air. Even if it's freezing or raining, it will only take a minute to get some fresh oxygen into your body to invigorate you, and properly wake you up.

Have a little stretch, maybe try a little exercise

Remember it's not simply your brain that has to wake up in the morning, your body needs to wake too. So help your body by doing a few morning stretches, nothing too intense is needed. We're not looking to be the next Rocky. A few simple moves will allow your body to wake and stimulate blood circulation, preparing you for the day ahead.

If stretching is not for you, maybe go for a little walk (treat the dog) or simply dance around the room to your favourite song. Stretching your body properly in the morning will create an increased range of movements in your body's joints, enhance muscular flexibility and coordination, increase blood circulation and physical and mental energy levels.

We're not asking you to go crazy on this one, keep it simple and keep it light.

Make time for a healthy breakfast

Ok if you've managed to follow the first step, you'll have given yourself plenty of time to make yourself a lovely, healthy breakfast and adequate time to eat it, meaning you're less likely to grab a donut/cereal bar/sugary smoothie from the fridge to eat in the car, or worse buy a bacon muffin on the way.

Breakfast is your body's fuel for the day, so just as you wouldn't put inferior fuel in your car, take the time to create a healthy breakfast that will have you feeling great and energised up until lunch. Don't think you're doing well by avoiding the bad foods and not eating anything. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Your work colleagues don't want to put up with you looking miserable and being grouchy because your body is running on empty.

The key is to not just to make it healthy, but tasty also. That way you will look forward to it and not want to miss out. There are so many simple recipes and ideas available online, have a look when you get a chance.

Introduce a soundtrack to your morning

This has to be the easiest and most enjoyable (besides 'eating' breakfast) part of your morning. It's surprising how many people don't have music in their morning routine already. Music lights up the brain, and puts you in a positive place, creating an upbeat and uplifting atmosphere to prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Don't use the Radio or the TV as these are filled with sections that will bring you down "It's going to rain all week", "You haven't won the lottery" or worse! Instead listen to your favourite songs, the ones that gets you singing, dancing and smiling along. Maybe you could create yourself an uplifting playlist to be your go to morning songs.

This is a great way of waking you with a smile. It can help you focus on the positives and prevent any anxiety or worries about the day/week.

Make a healthy fresh lunch

Finally, and this is an extra one that can even be done the night before.

Preparing your lunch before you go to work is the best way to ensure that A. You make time in your day to take your well-earned lunch break, and B. You don't fall into the pit of having no lunch or worse, whatever the office is having......chippy anyone?!

Help yourself by making a nice lunchtime treat to keep your energy levels up for the rest of the day.

Enjoy Your Day!

That's it, try to follow these steps and after a while they will become second nature. Your days will become a lot easier thanks to a great morning routine. Keep your eye on our blog page for more of our helpful tips.


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