Hydrocolloid Plasters - 16 Plasters x 6 Boxes

Hydrocolloid Plasters - 16 Plasters x 6 Boxes

Steroplast Blister Cushions | 6 Adhesive Hydrocolloid Plasters

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Thick, durable hydrocolloid gel blister plasters that form a protective barrier against the elements. Helping blisters naturally heal as quickly as possible and easing pain.  Our best blister plasters protect from chafing, knocks, pressure, and infection.

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Cushioned Blister Plasters
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Intelligently designed with hydrocolloid technology. Blister plasters that protect you from rubbing, pressure, and impact.

Our blister plasters are made with a hydrocolloid, a thick gel layer that supports natural healing and protects your skin. Hydrogel dressings and plasters also absorb exudate, such as the fluid produced under a blister's skin. Because of this, hydrogel plasters create a moist environment which is perfect for a healing blister.

Blister Plaster Being Applied to Foot

Skin-Friendly Hypoallergenic

Our plasters for blisters are skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, and latex-free, meaning they can be used on children's delicate skin, making them ideal for use in kids' sports and PE. Steroplast Cushioned Blister Plasters are water resistant, meaning they won't come off in wet or humid environments. Perfect for exercise in socks and shoes and even swimming. Ours are blister plasters UK consumers trust for reliability and quality.

Steroplast Cushioned Blister Plasters are your Go-To

Our blister plasters are designed to help you tackle painful blisters head-on. Each plaster is a generous 6.8cm x 4.3cm in size and is designed with a large, oval-shaped pad. We designed our plasters to be the ideal shape and size to stick onto heels and around the edges of joints where blisters are most likely to occur.

Box of Blister Plasters
Woman Walking in Trainers

Flexible Material

Each plaster has a complete adhesive perimeter, meaning your blister will be fully sealed away from the outside environment while it heals. They're also made with a thin but tough, flexible material that stays close to the body's contours and moves with you to keep your blister protected.

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Why choose Steroplast Cushioned Blister Plasters?

Each blister cushion is virtually invisible, made from thin, transparent material, making them easily disguised when wearing high heels.
Our shoe blister plasters are ideal for preventing blisters from forming, but they can also be applied over a blister to prevent further discomfort and infection.
Our thick blister plasters offer superior cushioning support to ease the pain of a blister while it heals. They are also highly conformable, moulding to the body's unique contours to keep out of the way and allow optimum movement.
The blister healing plasters are made with medical-grade hypoallergenic adhesive for sensitive skin of all kinds. Our blister gel plasters are also latex free.
Breathable and waterproof, ours are the best blister plasters for runners and sportspeople
Our blister cushions for shoes are supplied in retail boxes of 6 cushions each, ready to go on the shelf.
Individually wrapped blister cushions are kept clean and protected until needed.
Once applied, the adhesive forms a germ-proof seal
At 6.8cm x 4.3cm each, our large blister plasters are a good fit for adults and children.

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Where can our blister plasters be used?

Blister Plaster Being Applied to Foot

Feet and Toes

These are ideal as foot, heel, and toe blister plasters where rubbing and chafing are most common. Plasters for blisters on feet should be close fitting, comfortable and durable to stand up to the movements of shoes. Our superior adhesive also makes ours the best blister plasters for hiking and other sports like cycling.

These can even be used as underfoot blister plasters to protect blisters on the sole of the foot. Their thin, conforming properties even make them ideal blister plasters for little toes.

If you're not sure whether you need foot care blister plasters or other supplies, check our blog Foot problems? Home treatments & when to see a podiatrist. You can also read our guide on blister plasters for more information on how to use them.



Following recent social media trends, many people have been trying to use blister plasters for spots. The active ingredient in acne patches that helps heal acne is a hydrocolloid agent, the same active ingredient as in our blister plasters. Hydrocolloids work by supporting the body to naturally eject fluids and exudate out of the skin. Putting blister plasters on spots is an effective way to reduce the appearance of pimples by assisting the body to their life cycle, but only if they contain a hydrocolloid. Blister plasters like ours have excellent absorbing properties while also creating a moist healing environment.

Take a look at our other hydrocolloid blister plasters for acne and read our article All About Hydrocolloid Plasters for more information.

Ruptured Blister on Hand

Ruptured Blisters

Can you use a blister plaster on popped blister? It's a good idea to put a blister plaster on an open wound to protect it from infection. If your blister has burst, a blister plaster will provide a defence barrier against bacteria and germs and create a moist environment conducive to new cell growth. Putting a blister plaster on open blister areas will help the body to get on with the natural healing process.

Two men walking next to a pool

Verrucas and Warts

Blister plasters aren't designed to get rid of verrucas. But it's important to cover warts and verrucas up when you walk around barefoot to avoid passing them on to other people. This is particularly important at the swimming pool because verrucas are more transmissible when the skin is wet.

You can use a blister plaster on verrucas to protect others around you. They are water resistant and easily mould to the body's contours, helping them stay put for longer.

How to Use Blister Plasters

Applying the Plaster

Step 1 - Peel back the protective film

1. Remove the blister cushion from the protective pouch. Peel away the numbered paper 1 & 2 to expose the adhesive layer.

Step 2 Apply over blister

2. Apply directly over blister, ensuring all the edges have stuck to the skin

Step 3 Remove backing paper

3. Then remove backing paper, numbered 3, by lifting the white tabs from the middle of the plaster

Securing the Plaster

(Click for instructions)

Post-Application Care

(Click for instructions)

When to seek medical assistance

Please bear in mind that our blister plasters are designed specifically for covering blisters, verrucas and warts. We have plasters for small cuts and wounds available.

If you have a large, deep wound, or signs of infection it's essential to consult a healthcare professional. Signs of infection include:

  • Redness, swelling, tenderness or pain at the wound site
  • Hot or hard feeling around the wound
  • Pus in the wound
  • A bad smell coming from the wound

This is a Steroplast Branded Product

From our own range of premium quality medical supplies, manufactured with over 25 years experience.

Product Specifications Table



6.8cm x 4.3cm

Count per box

6 plasters


Feet, toes, acne, ruptured blisters, other areas of the body











Individually wrapped


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We're the experts in plasters and first aid

We don't only offer the best plasters for blisters. We've been perfecting plasters for over 25 years to help our customers and clients with all kinds of first aid. As leaders in UK healthcare, our products must always meet high standards for those who use them: in emergencies or just life's little accidents.

Our complete retail range helps shop owners stock their whole first aid section. Buy plasters in bulk here, all packaged up and ready to go on the shelf. Our boxes come with eye-catching packaging with all the essential information on the outside. 

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Sterosport Injury Rehab Network

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From the UK, to 57 countries

Export accounts for more than 25% of turnover and continues to grow year-on-year, demonstrating our company’s competitive edge and consistent product quality.

Sterosport Injury Rehab Network

Bringing together professionals, students, and amateurs in the study of sports injury rehabilitation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our blister plasters contain hydrocolloid agents that can effectively reduce the appearance of pimples and shorten their life cycle.

Yes, our blister plasters can be applied on open blisters to provide a barrier against bacteria and promote a moist environment conducive for healing.

Yes, our plasters are hypoallergenic, latex-free, and safe to use on children's delicate skin.

The length of time you can wear the plaster depends on the condition of the blister. Monitor it regularly and replace the plaster when needed.

Yes, although blister plasters aren't designed to get rid of verrucas, they can be used to cover them up to prevent transmission, especially in wet environments like swimming pools.

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