Yellow Resistance Band — 5.5m | Light Strength | Latex-Free

Yellow Resistance Band — 5.5m | Light Strength | Latex-Free

Adjustable Elbow Extra-Long Crutches | 32.25

Adjustable Elbow Extra-Long Crutches | 32.25" - 42.25"

Adjustable Elbow Standard Crutches | 25" - 36"

£41.94 £34.95

This pair of elbow crutches are made from lightweight aluminium and are adjustable to suit the needs of people of different heights.

The lead time for this product may be longer than usual.

This product is also available in extra long.

These extra-long elbow crutches, made from lightweight aluminium, are adjustable to meet the height requirements of taller users. Browse here>>

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Advanced Comfort and Stability Features

The crutches feature an angled neck to reduce wrist strain and a closed armband that allows the crutch to remain on the arm, even when the handle is released.

Crutches are a required piece of first aid equipment for rugby union teams. Find out about all other mandatory medical essentials recommended by both rugby union and rugby league, and make sure your team is completely protected.

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