Sterochef Hypoallergenic Blue Finger Extension Plasters | 15cm x 2cm | Metal-detectable (Aluminium) | For Kitchens & Food Areas

Sterochef Hypoallergenic Blue Finger Extension Plasters | 15cm x 2cm | Metal-detectable (Aluminium) | For Kitchens & Food Areas

Steropore adhesive wound dressings

Steropore Large Adhesive Wound Dressing Plasters | 6 Packs of 4

Cushioned Plasters - 20 Plasters x 6 Boxes

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Retail ready cushioned plasters, made with super soft padding to protect from light knocks and pressure. Our cushioned plasters are hypoallergenic, making them perfect for sensitive skin.

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Protect healing wounds from impact and pressure with thick, soft cushion plasters.

Our foam plasters are made with a thick, soft wound pad, supported with a bouncy adhesive strip, cushioning your wound so you can get on with day-to-day life without hurting a sensitive area accidentally. 

Like all Steroplast plasters and dressings, we use only the best materials to make our first aid products. Although our cushioned plasters are packaged up and ready for retail, they’re still the same medical-grade, premium plasters used in NHS hospitals throughout the country. These are quality large padded plasters that won’t let you down.

Made with a hypoallergenic adhesive, our cushioned plasters can be used even by those with sensitive skin, like young children. With the added protection each thick cushioned plaster offers, these are excellent for use in schools, nurseries, or by childminders. Our adhesive ensures the plaster stays put no matter how active the wearer is.

Test your market with a minimum investment. Order a sample pack from us today.

When to Use a Cushioned Plaster

Many people use cushioned plasters for feet, where walking or even just wearing shoes can cause unpleasant pressure and pain on a wound or injury. Cushioned plasters for toes or padded heel plasters absorb the impact caused when walking and offer an extra barrier of padding and protection when dealing with the pressure of a shoe.  

We also sell cushioned plasters for blisters when the wearer simply wants to protect the area from aggravation while the blister heals. If you want a blister plaster that draws exudate from the blister to speed up the healing process, take a look at our Steroplast Blister Cushions.

But we don’t just sell padded plasters for feet. Steroplast Cushioned Plasters are ideal for giving any wound some added protection. They can be particularly useful on joints, over bony areas of the body, or in places more frequently exposed to knocks and scrapes.

Why choose Steroplast Cushioned Plasters?

  • Super soft foam padded plasters are made with a hypoallergenic adhesive, ideal for use on any sensitive skin.
  • The product offers cushioning via a thick pad designed to protect sensitive healing wounds by lessening pain from accidental knocks or pressure.
  • Each foam plaster is made with a non-stick wound pad for painless removal and greater patient comfort. The wound pad is also centralised, helping to isolate a wound completely to keep it dry and safe from infection. 
  • Each plaster is individually wrapped to stay hygienic, clean, and in excellent condition until use.
  • Each assortment of thick padded plasters comes in packaging, ready to go on the shelf. We can even customise the boxes with your branding. 
  • The large cushioned plasters are big enough to cover a range of wounds.

Steroplast: Experts in Plasters and First Aid

Healthcare and first aid organisations like the British Red Cross and St John Ambulance choose Steroplast plasters and dressings because of their superior quality and reliability in the workplace. All our plaster and dressing products are thoroughly tested to exceed UK and EU standards. They are CE marked as such to be fit for consumers.

We are determined to bring the best products to everyone who needs them. We’ve even won the 1# best plaster in the UK from Which? For our Premium Elastic Fabric Plaster. Our plaster stood up against other mainstream brands as the best for durability and value. 

Browse our full range of retail plaster products below and stock up with other popular types of plasters. We can customise our packaging for retailers and put your logo and branding on our boxes. If you’re a distributor, we can also drop ship orders to your customers directly from our warehouse. We make everything easy for you. 

For hospitals, GP surgeries, healthcare centres, and emergency services, we offer larger boxes of plasters. Order from a wide range of sizes and shapes to meet your exact needs. 

Find many guides and advice pieces in our blog to help you get the most out of the plasters we sell, including what you need to know about blue plasters, hydrocolloid plasters, blister plasters, and how to use plaster strips. We also debunk whether blister plasters actually do work to help acne

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