Cederroth Plastic Plasters - 45 Plasters - 6 Boxes

Cederroth Plastic Plasters - 45 Plasters - 6 Boxes

Clear Assorted Plasters | 16 Plasters x 6 Boxes

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Clear, discreet plasters made with supple materials and hypoallergenic adhesive, which is kind to sensitive skin and sticks firmly to the body all day long. Packaged in retail boxes for your healthcare aisle.

We stock larger industrial orders of clear plasters, ideal for hospitals, GP surgeries and other businesses that require a constant supply of plasters. See our Sterostrip Clear Plasters that come in boxes of 100>>

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Transparent plasters for discreet wound care. Full, long-lasting protection. Gentle on skin.

Our transparent plasters are so subtle, you’ll hardly see or feel them. Made from premium materials, our clear plasters are extra thin and soft, giving your body the freedom to move without them tearing or coming loose.

All the plasters in our range are made with a superior high-tac, medical-grade zinc oxide adhesive designed to hold them in place for extended periods. Thanks to our plasters, you can get on with daily life and a range of activities, knowing your wound is completely protected from potential infection and without the worry that your plaster will come off.

Thanks to their water resistance, our clear plasters can even be used when swimming, showering, or washing your hands regularly.

Our range of plasters, including clear plasters, is supplied to hospitals, chosen by healthcare professionals, and regularly ordered by retailers and distributors. We always carry a large stock, meaning there are no long wait times on your orders. Our rapid delivery service means your order will be with you in no time. Find out about the other fantastic benefits we offer distributors to help them get more sales.

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Benefits of Our Clear Assorted Plasters

  • All our products are thoroughly tested to meet British Standards and to uphold the Steroplast level of quality. As such, they are all CE marked and trusted by professionals in healthcare and nursing.
  • Our clear plasters are made with hypoallergenic materials that won't irritate even sensitive skin. Because of this, they’re ideal for use in schools and nurseries.
  • These clear plasters contain a water-resistant layer that helps keep them in place for longer, protecting your wound from moisture.
  • Each clear plaster has a non-adhesive wound pad in the centre to isolate the wound and help with pain-free removal.
  • Our clear retail plasters come in high-gloss, vivid cartons with professional branding on them to catch your customers’ eye and keep your healthcare section looking premium.
  • Each clear plaster is individually wrapped to keep it clean and in good condition until use.
  • Our plasters come in assorted sizes, including dot plasters for tiny cuts or small hands and bodies.
  • We supply the same premium quality plasters to our clients in the NHS, so you know you’re getting a medical-grade product.

How to use our clear plasters

  • Ensure your hands are thoroughly washed and clean before you apply a plaster.
  • Remove the plaster from the wrapper by peeling from the edge or tearing the top off.
  • Clean the wound gently to get rid of dirt and debris. You can use tweezers to get rid of any objects around or on the wound but never put tweezers inside a wound to remove something. You should see a doctor or nurse if an object is lodged inside.
  • Rinse the wound in clean running water or with a sterile wound wash solution.
  • Apply the plaster by lining up the wound pad over the centre of the wound, gently peeling back the adhesive as you go.
  • Change the plaster daily or as often as you need to.


  • Store the product in a cool, dry place.
  • Do not use the product if the packaging is damaged.
  • These plasters are single-use and should be disposed of after one use.
  • If the wound continues to bleed or becomes swollen, reddened or painful, seek medical advice as it may be infected.

Who are clear plasters for?

Clear plasters can be used by anyone who wants a concealed dressing. They blend in with the skin’s contours, texture, and tone to provide wound protection that’s virtually invisible. The only part of a clear plaster for wounds that is visible is the dressing pad in the centre, reducing the size appearance of the plaster dramatically.

Clear plasters are a go-to item if you want to look your best or know you’ll have some photos taken. Choose a clear plaster for a formal event, public event, or if you want to feel confident in an outfit without being aware of your plaster. Our clear plasters are often used by models and people who have jobs in front of the camera.

Alternatively, if you need to cover a wound in a conspicuous place, a clear plaster can help improve the appearance of the dressing. We sell clear plasters for face wounds and large clear plasters when you need to cover a more significant wound.

Clear plasters also offer an excellent degree of flexibility, softness, and comfort, being thinner than other types of plasters. So they are a good choice if you need to apply one in an awkward area like a crease or joint.

Steroplast: Plasters for Retail and Industrial Businesses

Steroplast is the creator of the #1 plaster in the UK as determined by a gruelling trial by Which? the independent reviewer for UK consumers that pitted our plaster against other mainstream brands. Steroplast’s plaster was the best for durability, long-lasting stick, and cost.

Our full range of plasters and dressings means you’re ready for any first aid situation. In addition to our water-resistant clear plasters, we sell Steroplast Washproof Assorted Plasters.

We stock Steroplast Blister Cushions to protect painful blisters as they heal. Find out more about our blister cushions in our blog. Our Steroplast Cushioned Plasters are soft and foamy to pad sensitive wounds on other body areas. Specialist Steroplast Hydrocolloid Plasters draw exudate out of burn and scald wounds while creating a hydrated environment for them to heal faster. We discuss hydrocolloid plasters in our blog and debunk the viral hack of using hydrocolloid plasters on spots.

Our Steroplast Large Plasters and Steroplast Fabric Dressing Strips can be used for larger wounds that are too big for standard size plasters, or to create custom size dressings. We also offer standard essential Steroplast Assorted Fabric Plasters, too.

Browse our industrial plaster boxes on the list below. These are all the same medical-grade plasters, available in larger, more tailed orders to suit unique business operations.

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