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Washable Keyboards

Studies have shown 33-95% of keyboards have positive cultures for microbes including MRDOs

The degree of contamination observed is high enough to potentially allow transmission via contaminated hands. Evidence shows that users rarely clean their hands after keyboard contact.

Guidelines recommend hospitals have washable keyboards or keyboard covers in areas accessed by patients and that keyboards and mice should be disinfected daily and when visibly soiled, with a hospital-grade disinfectant cleaner.

Clinell EasyClean computer accessories were developed to simplify cleaning procedures and increase compliance. They are available in wipeable silicone and conventional truetype. Both types are 100% waterproof and dishwasher safe and can even be disinfected with chlorine.

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Description Size Pack Reference No
Easyclean - Silicone Mouse - Black - 40 GCMS1B
Easyclean - Silicone Mouse - Black - Single GCMS1B-SGL
Easyclean - Silicone Mouse - White - 40 GCMS1W
Easyclean - Silicone Mouse - White - Single GCMS1W-SGL
Easyclean - Smartcard Reader - Black - 40 GCSMS1B
Easyclean - Smartcard Reader - Black - Single GCSMS1B-SGL
Easyclean - Smartcard Reader - White - 40 GCSMS1W
Easyclean - Smartcard Reader - White - Single GCSMS1W-SGL
Easyclean - Silicone Keyboard - Black - 10 GCKS1B
Easyclean - Silicone Keyboard - Black - Single GCKS1B-SGL
Easyclean - Silicone Keyboard - White - 10 GCKS1W
Easyclean - Silicone Keyboard - White - Single GCSK1W-SGL
Easyclean - True Type Keyboard - black - 10 GCKK1
Easyclean - True Type Keyboard - Black - Single GCKTT1-SGL

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  • GCMS1B_Mouse_silicone_black_web Image
  • GCMS1W_Mouse_silicone_white_web Image
  • GCSMS1B_black_card_reader_web Image
  • GCSMS1W_white_card_reader_web Image

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