Wound Closure Strips

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Ideal for minor incidents in the car and on the road.

Extra strength is achieved by nylon fibres that run the length of each suture.

A more aggressive adhesive for longer lasting adhesion.

Low allergy for less skin reactions.

Prevent wounds from re-opening.

Helps reduce bleeding.


Adhesive strips for the treatment of deep cuts.

Ideal for knife cuts and similar deep wounds.

Reduces healing time and the chances of scarring.

Individually wrapped and sterile.

Available in 2 sizes

- 3mm x 75mm

- 6mm x 75mm


Description Size Pack Reference No
Wound closures 3mm x 75mm 10 pouches of 5 strips 7858
Wound closures 6mm x 75mm 10 pouches of 3 strips 7859

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