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Sterotape - Z.O. is the ideal tape to protect knuckles and wrists when hitting the heavy bag, and when you step into the ring it is the ultimate choice to make your fist hard as a rock and allow you to hit harder without any worry of injury.

It is the official tape of Charlie Schofield, Manchester's undefeated professional light heavyweight boxer. When asked about the quality of the tape, Charlie stated "I can honestly say, that the zinc oxide Sterotape is by far the best tape I have ever used. The protection it offers whilst I'm training allows me to train at the highest level with no hand injuries".

Sterotape - Z.O. is a rigid, adhesive tape used to strap up joints to prevent sporting injuries. It is the ideal product for use for boxing, mma, tennis, rock climbing, rugby or any other high impact sports.
  • Tears easily by hand along length and width
  • Strong quality adhesive
  • Non stretch athletic strapping for secure taping
  • Comfort fit conforms well to body contours
  • Skin-friendly zinc oxide adhesive
The tape is available in the sizes shown below, please get in touch now on 0161 902 3030 for more information.

Description Size Pack Reference No
Sterotape-Z.O. 1.25cm x 5m 1 x 24 4051
Sterotape-Z.O. 2.5cm x 5m 1 x 12 4052
Sterotape-Z.O. 4cm x 5m 1 x 8 4050
Sterotape-Z.O. 5cm x 5m 1 x 6 4053
Sterotape-Z.O. 7.5cm x 5m 1 x 4 4054
Sterotape-Z.O. 1.25cm x 10m 1 x 24 4056
Sterotape-Z.O. 2.5cm x 10m 1 x 12 4057
Sterotape-Z.O. 4cm x 10m 1 x 8 4058
Sterotape-Z.O. 5cm x 10m 1 x 6 4059
Sterotape-Z.O. 7.5cm x 10m 1 x 4 4060

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