Quality Assured Internally & Externally

SGS works closely with our in-house Quality Assurance Department to achieve an unrivalled and consistent quality - across every product in our range.

We are audited by the SGS once a year to make sure we follow our quality procedures to the letter.

It's our belief that quality always sells. We also believe it's what keeps businesses alive.

We won't compromise on quality, and that's why we have so many loyal customers who continue to stock the Steroplast brand both here in the U.K. and around the world.

Quality Guarantee here to protect you

One of the great things about doing business with Steroplast is that all our products come with a 100% guarantee.

Every product we supply has been inspected by SGS and in consultation with the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Authority).

The MHRA is recognised as a powerful regulatory authority controlling all medicines and healthcare products entering onto the open market.

It has the power to prevent products being sold if they are for whatever reason found to be unsuitable, or if they contravene any of the strictest CE marking regulations.

Exclusive Long Term Joint-Venture Partnerships

Exclusivity ensures you won't find our products supplied by another distributor under a different name. This gives our products a major advantage and prevents our competitors from using our name.

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