Tapes and Strapping

Providing firm and effective support for a variety of ailments, Steroplast boasts a wide range of tapes and strapping suitable for both industrial and everyday use. Our medical tape and strapping tape can effectively assist in the treatment of injuries and wounds, with an assortment of materials, shapes and sizes to meet individual patient requirements.

All of our strapping and elasticated supports are made from porous materials that allow the skin to breathe, which in turn, can expedite the recovery process. Our strapping can be applied directly to the skin without the need of an under layer, allowing for easy removal once the treatment is complete. The pliable nature of our strapping conforms to the body and flexes with movement, making it suitable even for the most awkward injuries.

Our hypo-allergenic medical tapes are soft, porous and ideal for use on all types of skin. To ensure long-lasting adherence to the skin or underwrap, all of our tapes are made from strong and firm materials, whilst allowing for easy tear by hand. Many of our retention tapes can be applied directly to the skin for minimum fuss and come individually wrapped for maximum hygiene.

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