Over the last few years the supply and placement of defibrillators has increased exponentially and there are many factors for this. The aging population contributes of course to the amount of these pieces of equipment that are needed but government initiatives have seen a rise in the number of first responders and Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) placed in public buildings such as schools and libraries.

At Steroplast Healthcare we are pleased to stock the iPAD, which is the latest technology in the world of AED’s. This neat defibrillator is small enough and light enough to easily transport and requires very little preparation before operation.

The easy to use machine comes with a variety of settings and can quickly be changed from adult settings to child friendly settings. This allows for effective and measured treatments regardless of the patients age or size. What’s more, there is a built in safety cover to prevent changing modes during the products operation.

The machines are designed to be used by those with minimal training and makes saving lives easier than ever.

The smart sensors on the machine detect when CPR is being administered and voice controls warn the responder to perform CPR in these cases.

The defibrillators that we provide come with a seven year warranty and there are a range of accessories such as alarmed cabinets for the units which means they can be put on display and easily accessed.

You may not have to be a paramedic to use the equipment but the data storage system which is built into the machine means that paramedics and doctors can access three hours of treatment data from five separate treatments.

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