From tubular bandages to comprehensive sport kits for small athletic clubs, Steroplast offer a range of essential sport medical supplies to help treat a variety of common sporting incidents, including strains, sprains and cuts.

Our portable first aid kits are tailor-made with the appropriate equipment fit for a number of sporting activities, including football medical supplies, rugby medical supplies and a comprehensive multi-sport medical case. We even offer a bespoke, physio sport medical kit for use by sports physiotherapists and trainers.

Our ready-to-use medical disposables are ideal for sporting first aid kits, including sterile eye wash, sport massage oils, multi-purpose tubular bandage and a variety of hot and cold therapy products to assist with muscle pain relief. Not only can our medical provisions assist in the recovery process, but they can also help prepare the body prior to sport to reduce the risk of further injury.

Whether you’re a professional sportsperson or someone who participates in athletic activities on a regular basis, our specialist sport products can increase your suppleness, alleviate aches, pains and swelling and provide you with the necessary facilities for quick, easy fixes.

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