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For years instructors have struggled to show students “how it may be performed in reality, only harder...”

The Actfast Anti Choking Trainer offers a realistic way to teach students how to perform abdominal thrusts (the Heimlich Manoeuvre) correctly and safely.


“Unlike CPR Manikins there are no replaceable parts in the Actfast Anti Choking Trainer making it extremely cost effective”


Designed for one person to wear whilst another demonstrates the manoeuvre. If the skill is 

performed correctly then an object will be projected from the trainer, this simulates the release of the object that is causing the patient to choke.

If the manoeuvre is not done correctly then the object will not be released.


The Actfast Anti Choking Trainer teaches students to perform the technique correctly without the risk of injury to another student thus leaving the class fully confident in performing abdominal thrusts.




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Actfast Anti Choking Trainer Adult 1 1349

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