Training Resources

Having the correct skills and knowledge to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency can often prove to be critical and in some cases, can help save lives. At Steroplast, we offer a variety of first aid training resources suitable for various healthcare scenarios, from manikin disinfectant wipes to comprehensive training packs.

Our first aid training equipment offers a practical way for students to learn how to respond quickly and efficiently in an emergency situation. Our innovative Actfast Anti Choking Trainer is designed for interactive use, allowing students to practice performing abdominal thrusts in a realistic setting for maximum results. Likewise, our EpiPen trainer demonstrates how to administer intra-muscular adrenaline in an efficient and practical manner. 

Our first aid training supplies offer a convenient and cost-effective way for training companies to demonstrate medical practices. Unlike a CPR manikin, our Anti Choking Trainer eliminates the need for replaceable parts, whilst our reusable EpiPen allows students to learn how to safely operate an auto-injector without the need to consume valuable resources.

Sufficient training facilities can endow first aiders with the confidence to make quick, informed decisions and efficiently make use of their medical kits. Our high-quality first aid training packs enable healthcare students to become accustomed to essential, everyday medical apparatus, including bandages, surgical gloves and face shields.

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