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Frac-Immobilisers are a simple method of splinting and immobilising suspected limb fractures while helping to prevent further damage to surrounding nerves and tissue. Can remain in place during X-rays.

A choice of three sizes, each Frac-Immobiliser can accommodate a splint board, which can be used to extend the length of the splint.


Description Size Pack Reference No
Frac Immobiliser (box splint) Small - 2 straps (51cm) 1 1330
Frac immobiliser (box splint) 4 straps (74cm) 1 1331
Frac Immobiliser (box splint) 5 straps (109cm) 1 1332
Set of 3 Frac Immobiliser box splints with carry bag 2, 4 and 5 strap splints in set 1 WSTE0223
Frac Immobiliser Splint Bag - empty Suitable for carrying a set of 3 Frac immobiliser box splints 1 WSTE0220

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