Hospec Detergent Liquid

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“Hospec Liquid Detergent is a pH neutral, unperfumed  detergent that’s been specially formulated and is used in more than 90% of hospitals in the National Health Service.”

Concentrated General Purpose pH Neutral Liquid Detergent

This product is suitable for:


  • Damp mopping, spot mopping and flat mopping of floors including pharmacy and other clean rooms, ambulance interiors and dental surgeries.
  • General cleaning and damp dusting of surfaces and hospital furniture, e.g. bedside  cabinets and the like.
  • Cleaning with microfiber cloths.
  • Cleaning of ward pantry equipment.
  • Hand dishwashing.
  • Dental instrument boxes and equipment.
  • Manual cleaning of reusable dental instruments.



Description Size Pack Reference No
Hospec detergent liquid 740ml 9 1435
Hospec detergent liquid 740ml Single 1435-SGL

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