First Aid Kits

At Steroplast Healthcare, we offer some of the most proficient, high-quality first aid kits in the UK. Compiled with the most appropriate equipment, our kits are fit for purpose with the aim of meeting, or even excelling, your specific medical requirements. 

Our domestic medical first aid kits are equipped with all the essential items to help you deal with common accidents and minor injuries that are likely to occur around the home.

Our compliant first aid kits adhere to health and safety regulations of the workplace by providing the appropriate equipment to ensure that all employees receive prompt, effective medical attention if they are injured or taken ill.

We also offer a wide range of bespoke first aid provisions to accommodate a variety of job industries and activities, including: catering kits for food preparation areas, child care kits for schools and playgrounds, motorist kits for road-side safety, emergency service supplies, multi-sporting kits and on-the go travel bags.

If you’re looking to buy a first aid kit, then look no further. At Steroplast Healthcare, we offer a comprehensive assortment of high-quality medical provisions that cater for individual needs. Ranging from standard to deluxe, each of our packs contain carefully-selected components to help you to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency, no matter how minor or serious.

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