When dealing with a medical problem or trauma it is important to examine the exact injury, diagnose any underlying problems or complications and to monitor the aftercare of a patient. In order to do these three things successfully it is important that you have the correct medical diagnostics equipment at your disposal.

At Steroplast Healthcare we offer a full range of medical diagnostic products for you to use including blood pressure monitors so that you can accurately track and record your patient’s readings and make quick decisions relating to treatment and treatment response.

To assess the dangers that a patient may be in, it is vital to look at oxygen levels in the blood. To do this we have made available a Pulse Oximeter which gives you the power to indirectly monitor the oxygen saturation levels in your patient’s blood without ever having to take a sample. Real-time readings mean that using these two products gives you the best chance of diagnosis and treatment.

If your patient has a chest complaint or an ear, nose or throat condition then our selection of stethoscopes and diagnostic pen lights can aid you in your prognosis.

When diagnosis becomes difficult it may be that you have to take samples of blood, urine or breath. Selecting the right medical diagnostic equipment is vital so with our easy to use testing kits it may be possible for you to get the results your diagnosis requires both quickly and easily.

To assess further dangers to your patient you may choose to look at lifestyle choices made by them. Scales and monitoring tools which look at cholesterol and glucose levels might give you a better idea of the overall health of your patient.

We also offer an ECG monitoring unit for you to view and record any cardiovascular activity which may present problems or solutions to your diagnosis.

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