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Clinell Dispensers for buckets, tubs, packs and Indicator tape attach directly to the wall, and provide a hygeinic, convenient and easy to access method of dispensing and storing wipes.

Ensure your wipes are always to hand when you need them.


Description Size Pack Reference No
Plastic Yellow for 200 packs - 1 x 10 GCDWD/10
Plastic Red for 200 packs - 1 x 10 GCS25D/10
Plastic Green for 200 packs - 1 x 10 GCWD/10
Plastic White for 200 packs - 1 x 10 GCDWDW/10
Metal for Detergent Tubs (yellow) - 1 x 10 GTUBDIS2
Metal for Detergent Buckets (yellow) - 1 x 10 GCDB225D
Metal for Universal Tubs (green) - 1 x 10 GTUBDIS1
Metal for Universal Buckets (green) - 1 x 10 CWBUC225D

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  • GTUBDIS1 Image
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