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Clinell Detergent Wipes provide an ideal choice for multi-surface general cleaning and damp dusting. Specially formulated to thoroughly remove dirt from hard surfaces, the wipes offer a convenient and effective way to clean prior to disinfection. 

They contain a patent pending, unique, new formula which has even stronger cleaning power and ultra low smear compounds compared to any other competing detergent brand. Supplied in convenient dispenser packs, Clinell Detergent Wipes are alcohol and disinfectant free.

•  Multi-surface
•  General cleaning
•  Damp dusting
•  New Ultra-low smear Formula
•  Alcohol & disinfectant free

Detergent clip packs have an integrated clip, perfect for keeping wipes neatly accessible, off the floor and nearby for whenever you need them.

The integrated clip is reinforced and angled for a firm grip and securely fits on to BP machine stands, porters’ chairs, bed frames, monitor stands, cabinet doors, trolleys and many more.


Description Size Pack Reference No
Clinell detergent wipes 215 22cm x 28cm 6 packs of 215 GCDW215
Clinell detergent wipes 100 - Tub 20cm x 30cm 8 tubs of 100 GCDT100
Clinell detergent wipes 100 - Tub refill 20cm x 30cm 8 refills packs of 100 GCDT100R
Clinell detergent wipes 260 - Bucket 26cm x 28cm 4 buckets of 260 GCDB260
Clinell detergent wipes 225 - Bucket refill 26cm x 28cm 4 bucket refills of 225 GCDB225R
Clinell detergent wipes clip pack 60 20cm x 20cm 24 packs of 60 GCDCP60
Clinell detergent wipes 50 - 8 packs of 50 GCDW50
Clinell detergent wipe 60 - maceratable - 10 packs of 60 GCDWM60
Clinell detergent wipe 300 - 6 packs of 300 GCDW300

Additional Product Images

  • Clinell Detergent Wipes - bucket 260 - GCDB260 Image
  • Clinell Detergent Wipes - bucket 260 refill - GCDB260R Image
  • Clinell Detergent Wipes - Tub 100 - GCDT100 Image
  • Clinell Detergent Wipes - Tub 100 refill  - GCDT100R Image
  • Clinell Detergent Wipes - Pack of 215 - GCDW215 Image
  • Clinell Detergent Wipes - Clip pack of 60 - GCDCP60 Image
  • Clinell Detergent Wipes - Pack of 50 Image
  • Clinell Detergent Wipes - Maceratable - Pack of 60 Image
  • Clinell Detergent Wipes - Pack of 300 Image

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