Cederroth First Aid

At Steroplast Healthcare we are pleased to offer a range of products from Cederroth. All of these first aid consumables are fully tested and are recommended for use in a variety of locations.

The 4-in-1 Bloodstopper pack offers a uniquely designed alternative to the traditional bandages and dressings required to prevent heavy bleeding.

For those occasions where you need to apply first aid to yourself or for instances where you may only be able to use one hand, the Salvequick Plaster Dispenser is easy to use and pulling the tab allows a single motion covering for cuts and grazes.

Also available are the first aid Cederroth panels suitable for the home, and cabinets suitable for offices, schools, professional kitchens and other places of work. They offer a variety of medical and first aid equipment in neat easy to use compartments.

The layout of the cabinets and panels means that even an untrained individual can locate the required products for a first aider who may be dealing with an injured party.

If there were to be a situation where a first aider wasn't present, then all of the Cederroth products come with instruction booklets on how and when to use their products.

All of the products in the Cederroth first aid range are sterile and safe to use, and will take care of your first aid needs.

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