Burnshield Contour Dressings

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As part of Burnshield's continued focus on developing a body specific range of products, the new Contour Dressing offers an extremely effective dressing for the treatment of large area burns.

The Contour Dressing is impregnated with Burnshield Hydrogel thus offering the same benefits to the patient as the Burnshield dressings.

Material: Cellular cotton design to hold gel in place and allow for heat dissipation.
Active: Impregnated with Burnshield Hydrogel.
Application: Dress half and full body burns.

Description Size Pack Reference No
Burnshield contour dressing 1m x 1m 1 BD881006
Burnshield contour dressing 2m x 1m 1 BD881007
Burnshield countor kit - Single 1 x 1m x 2m dressing, 2 x 125ml hydrogel and 1 soft dressing 1 BD811008
Burnshield countor kit - Double 2 x 1m x 1m dressings, 2 x 125ml hydrogeland 1 soft dressing 1 BD881009

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