Burn Care Range

The sooner burns and scalds are treated, the better the outcome will be. To treat skin damaged by flame, steam, hot water, sun or other intense heat, it is important to have the appropriate first aid supplies on hand and to use them as soon as possible after an incident occurs. 

The products in our burn care range are intended to provide relief from the pain of burns and scalds, minimise skin damage and prevent the burn from progressing into deeper layers of the skin. All of our burn care treatments are sterile, non-toxic and non-irritant. 

We supply an assortment of consumables, including contour dressings, ideal for treating large burn areas, as well as hydrogel and burn blotts, which alleviate pain and prevent damage to healthy tissue.

We offer an array of Burnshield dressings that are saturated with cooling hydrogel, for both adults and children, including dressings specially designed for the face, neck, torso and limbs. 

We also supply a Steroburn burn bag to cover and protect a badly burnt hand or foot, to provide a sterile environment and prevent infection.

Our burn care range includes a variety of kits suitable for the emergency services and high-risk workplaces, such as hotels, restaurants, canteens and kitchens. We also supply more compact but equally comprehensive kits for use in the home and on holiday.

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