Blankets and Bedding

Blankets and bedding are essential items in a range of medical and sports settings and emergency situations. Our blankets and bedding are designed to provide comfort, warmth, support and protection to patients suffering as a result of illness or injury or recovering from medical treatment. 

We supply cellular cotton blankets, ideal for hospital beds and for elevating limbs, and disposable blankets, perfect for use in ambulances, emergency rooms and operating theatres. 

Our highly insulating foil blankets are an emergency services must-have. Suitable for rescue situations, especially where there is a risk of shock or hypothermia. Our highly insulating foil blankets and Mediwrap blankets are an emergency services must-have. 

Our medical bedding range includes a variety of hygienic, wipeable pillows, as well as disposable pillow cases. We also offer a range of bed sheets, including high absorbency incontinence bed pads and disposable flame retardant sheets. 

To complete your medical bedding needs, we supply first-rate dissolvable and non-dissolvable laundry bags.

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