WRASFER - New 2-in-1 disposable patient wrap and transfer sheet

Thursday 25, August

WRASFER - New 2-in-1 disposable patient wrap and transfer sheet

Our new 2-in-1 disposable patient wrap and transfer sheet

This innovative system provides clean emergency bedding for patients who need to be transferred from one carrier to another or repositioned, the perfect cost effective and time saving solution. 


When transferring, each sheet can hold up to a maximum weight of 150kg (23.62 stone). In addition to the sheets high resistance, Wrasfer can absorb up to 3.5 litres (6.15 pints) of liquid, which allows the containment of possible infections. The absorbed liquid will not penetrate the bottom layer of the sheet.


This perfect solution has been designed for use by paramedics, accident and emergency wards and nursing homes. It is a strong, disposable, effective and hygienic tool to safeguard a patients transfer containing any possible liquids.


The Wrasfer sheet itself is made up of a three layer construction; PE-foil, cellulose fluff and nonwoven. The full sheet size is 220cm x 100cm including the absorbent section which measures 200cm x 50cm.


After use, the sheets can be simply disposed of and the carriers and stretchers will be ready for their next use, saving time and money on professional cleaning costs. The Wrasfer sheets should not be used for patient transportation (Not a substitute for a stretcher or carrier).


Click HERE to see our video of the Wrasfer sheet in use and to learn more.


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