How to Keep Your Children Safe This Summer

Friday 08, August

With more time to play outdoors and with a wider range of pastimes to enjoy, the summer can offer children a huge amount of opportunity for fun and frivolity. Whilst the summer offers the time for children to stay active and enjoy themselves, it also presents some very unique dangers.

The fact that they may be exposed to the sun for hours on end and that they may simply have a higher chance of injuring themselves if they are playing outside all day, every day, understanding the potential health and safety issues children face over the summer months could make a big difference to their welfare.


Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, it makes more sense to be proactive about a child’s safety. It is important to encourage children to get active during the summer to ensure they stay physically healthy as well as to ensure that they are able to get a great deal of social interaction - something which will be vital for their development at a younger age.

Whilst they are out, it is important that they have a well-fitting, high-quality cycling helmet to wear if they are going out on their bikes, scooters or skateboards. Fortunately, helmets no longer have the same stigma they used to and the available range will make them an appealing option to many children.

Whilst out and about, children should also always have sun cream on, even on cloudy days, topping up the cream at least every two hours throughout the day (or sooner if they have been exposed to water). Sunglasses and a brimmed hat are important to protect their head and eyes from the oppressive rays. On very warm days though, be sure your child avoids sun exposure for prolonged periods of time, making certain your child seeks shade and shelter on a regular basis. This could help to avoid serious dehydration and sunstroke.

In the summer, children may also forget about the importance of drinking fluids regularly. They can be off in their own world, playing and not realise that they have become dehydrated. As such, do not wait until children tell you they are thirsty to give them a drink. Offer plenty of fluids before they go outside and ensure they have access to water throughout the day, whether they are with you or off playing with friends.

First aid

Over the summer holidays, there is greater potential for accidents and emergencies involving your children than at almost any other time of year. Not only will they have the freedom to play all day, rather than being confined by the environment of the classroom, but they are also likely to be galvanised to try more things when the sun is shining.

No matter how prepared you are there is still a chance that accidents will happen. Parents should ensure that they have a wide range of first aid and emergency supplies to help them effectively deal with whatever life throws their way. From items as simple as after sun and plenty of fluids to those as specific as eyewash, the more prepared parents are the more chance they have of keeping their child as safe as possible.


In our range of first aid tools, you will find a huge selection of products to help you look after your child in the most effective way. Not only might having such supplies allow you to prevent minor issues turning into major ones but, in extreme cases, having certain equipment and certain knowledge may also be enough to save their lives.

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