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What is the best way to treat a wound?

Any individual, living a normal day-to-day life will at some point incur an injuring in some form or another, whether you stay in all day and attempt to avoid any form of danger or you're an adrenaline junkie who loves to put their lives on the line every weekend, the probability of injury will obviously change but at some point you will hurt yourself.

Stay healthy over Christmas

'It's the most wonderful time of the year', the festive season is upon us once more and it's the time for nights out and parties to begin. We know the perils of over-eating and drinking can really take its toll, so we wanted to make sure that you all make it through the holidays unscathed and get to enjoy every single moment.

So we have put together a few simple tips that, if followed, will keep everyone feeling 100% for each day (and party) ahead. You may not want to follow them all, but if a couple of points help you throughout Christmas, then that's a bonus

Steroplast to showcase their professional sports tape range at the Therapy Expo

The Therapy Show will be taking place once again at the Birmingham NEC on the 23rd and 24th November, it is the nation's favourite therapy event and really the only one of its kind. It not only provides a showcase for the newest therapy products, it is also the most important national training event for therapy professionals.

Norovirus - Preventing the spread of infection

In the media we often hear about Norovirus outbreaks in hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, schools and hospitals. It's commonly known as the “Winter vomiting virus” or the “Cruise ship bug”. However, what we may not appreciate is that the Norovirus is thought to account for up to 50% of worldwide food-borne gastroenteritis, making it a global public health concern.

What exactly is kinesiology tape?

If you have been watching sport - whether amateur or professional - and you've spotted individuals wearing coloured tape on areas of their body you may have been wondering what this is and why they are wearing it. 

Is it a fashion statement, an extreme accessory or a new marketing technique? None of these actually, it is in fact Kinesiology tape.

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